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X4 Fundamentals & 5 Short Term Strategy Courses


Learn How to Flip Houses Fast with No Money or Personal Credit in 6 Easy Steps! 


27-Segment E-Learning Course Material Focus on Understand the Foundations of the Real Estate Investing Business Model & Systems.

Hours:  12

Quick Flips Level 100

Learn the Art of Quickly Flipping House Contracts For Instant Fast Cash with No $ or Personal Credit.

Hours: 6


Master Leases Level 100

Learn how to leverage property contracts and terms to generate quick cash flow and lump sum money without ever owning the subject property. 

Hours: 6



Learn how to operate an virtually turnkey business system as a X4 Brand User within the Rescue Team Properties® Network

Lifetime Access


Big Profits From Taxes

Learn how to identify past due property tax owners and quickly contract and flip the contracts for Fast Cash.

Hours: 6

Profit From Airbnb

Learn how to acquire move-in ready homes and generate consistent business cash flow without ever owning the property. 

Quick Flips Options Level 100

Learn how to convert upside, low equity, no equity homes into quick lump sum profits by leveraging the art of Quick Flip Options. 

Hours: 6

X4 Business System

Will onboard you into the existing business systems of Rescue Team Properties® so you just plug your LLC into it. 

Co-Wholesaling Level 100

Learn how to secure contracts with a joint-venture and protect yourself with non-circumvent practices and special clauses. 

Hours: 6

Virtual Quick Flips 100

Learn how to evaluate contracts out of state, lock them down fast, and quickly sell them for instant fast profit at a local title company. 


Business management system, paperless office, office phone, auto-bot technology, autoresponders, skip tracers, and so much more. 

Hours: 6

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