We Teach People How To Invest in Real Estate leveraging a Virtually Turnkey Real Estate Investing Home-Based Business Platform

Specializing in residential and commercial real estate investing educational courses. Learn up to 30 different real estate investing strategies using our smartphone technology. Real estate investing beginners can get started in real estate, where they will receive a virtually turnkey real estate investing business platform. There each student can learn and apply the information learned by directly working within an existing business system along side business, pro, and peer-to-peer mentorship. 

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Welcome to the website of REIEdu2go™, the premier real estate investing education and home based business company! You can learn why aspiring real estate investors who have previously attended or trained in other guru styled training programs are turning to REIEdu2go™ and it’s business acceleration partner. The two make an incredible force to give people practical ISD+ design speed courses, coupled with a time-tested, proven real estate investing business platform that accelerates each student in becoming a real estate investor. Beginning real estate investing with an existing virtually turnkey real estate investment business that can launch and operate in the student’s market, quickly! Real Estate is one of the most profitable home-based business ventures and we are excited to share with you how to invest in real estate, do wholesale real estate investing, create wealth, and fund potential passion projects around the world. 

REI Digital Classroom

Every student learns at their own self-pace using ISD+ educational system which encompasses a 27 Fundamentals Course, up to 30 residential and commercial real estate investing business courses.

REI Business Incubator Platform

Each student is given direct access to an existing virtually turnkey real estate investing business platform, that empowers students to learn and apply the knowledge gained in the area that the student desire. Each student integrates within the business incubator system, gains a virtually turnkey business system, and completes deals by working directly with a pro mentor and community based coaches.

Real Time Mentors & Coaches

It does not matter if you are a real estate investments beginner. Each student is assigned a pro-mentor and has direct access to real time community support on demand. Instant deal collaboration where the student is learning and applying the principles as their own operator of an existing virtually turnkey real estate investing business.


The Virtually Turnkey Real Estate Investing Home-Based Business System

We use the latest real estate investing education technology to deliver high content, practical application, principles, so that each real estate investing student gains the knowledge and can quickly implement the strategies within the real estate investing business platform incubator. Coupled with the real estate investing business system provided to each student they will own and operate an existing business model, be assigned pro-mentors, and community coaches. To get started in real estate, you get a virtually turnkey business system that comes standard with a lead generation website, autoresponders, autobot technology, existing branding with time-tested, and proven marketing messages, access to app technology so that the student can operate a home-based business platform on any smartphone, tablet, or computer system.

REI milestones

In this self-paced e-learning training system delivered right to your smartphone using the latest technology, students can virtually learn, apply, and own and operate an existing turnkey business system.

Community Experience

We are a community of like-hearted and like-minded individuals who own and operate our own virtually turnkey businesses across the region. Our community is both online and we meet often in various markets live for education, networking, strategy, connections, and enjoy life together.


We are known for creating real estate investors by providing real estate investing education on the go and giving each student the opportunity to build their own real estate investment property empire with the framework of our existing virtually turnkey real estate investing platform. So if you just want to complete one deal or do thousands. It's a place where you can create your vision and have real support to thrive.


Online Investor Forum

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STUDENT Real Estate Investing Projects

We business accelerate all of our active investors so we are constantly keeping a pulse on each real estate investment project that each investor is working on. Giving us a very unique perspective on today’s market trends and the ability to give investors real time insight, and trends. Rescue Team Properties® has partnered with our educational company to give each student an existing virtually turnkey, home based real estate investing business. This empowers our students in gaining knowledge and having a business mentor, a turnkey virtual business system to follow, with community support. The business accelerator keeps our pro mentors, coaches, and peer mentors in a real time data to refine, test, make adjustments, and constantly refine the active investors acquisition and disposition of properties. By leveraging Rescue Team Properties® business incubator platform has launched active investors into real estate investing businesses regionally.  The business accelerator gives active investors in projects like these below real-time, on-demand mentorship, guidance, support, and connections. Whether your just an aspiring real estate investor with limited capital or your looking to build a real estate investing empire-we place all students into the business accelerator.  The active investors can achieve one deal or up build a real estate investing business with our branded partners to whatever level you desire to operate and build an empire within the existing brand business system. 

Our most recent investment projects

ReiEdu2go™ X1Plus Brand User Experience
X1 Plus Brand User Project

Course: Commercial Land Development and Business Incubator Shows You How to Raise Non-Recourse Private Equity Capital. Project: $31.5M

Status: Strategic Money Partner Negotiations

For more information on our Platinum Training Courses and X1 Plus Business Accelerator click here

X1 Brand User Project
X1 Brand User Project

X1 Course: Fundamentals, Fix n’ Flip, Commercial Analysis, Quick Flips II.

Business Accelerator: Yes

Acquired contract with no money or personal credit, evaluated deal, assignment of contract to cash buyer with a gross profit of $25,000.00

      X2 Brand Users Deal

Course:  Fundamentals and Alternative Financing Strategies

Business Accelerator:  Included

Property was acquired with no money or personal credit in as-is condition, assigned to X2 Investor, made ready, and is being held as a buy/hold property. 

To learn more about our X2 Brand User Experience click here

X3 Brand User Project

Courses: Fundamentals & Seller Equity Sharing Strategy. 

Business Accelerator: Yes

Acquired a contract from motivated seller in as-is condition, made ready, sold as-is for a gross profit of $13,000.00

If you like to learn more about the X3 Brand User Experience click here

X4 Brand Users Project

Courses: Fundamentals & Quick Flips

Business Accelerator: Yes

Acquired a contract in as-is condition, and assigned the contract for a gross profit of $3,000.00

If you like to learn more about the X4 Brand User Experience click here. 

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X4 Entry Level Brand User Experience
$ $499 Setup Fee Plus $49/mo
  • Digital Classroom
  • Fundamentals
  • Quick Flips I
  • Co-Wholesaling
  • Virtual Wholesaling
  • X4 Business Platform
  • X4 Business Accelerator
  • X4 Brand User Experience
  • X4 ProMentor Network 50%
Limited Time


X3 Brand User Experience
$ 4,995 Setup Fee, Plus $99/mo
  • Digital Classrom
  • Fundamentals
  • Quick Flips I
  • Inc. 10 REI Strategies
  • X3 Business Accelerator
  • Dedicated Office Phone
  • X3 D4D App Technology
  • X3 AutoBot Technology
  • X3 ProMentor Network 50%


X2 Brand User Experience
$ 9,995 Setup Fee, Plus $129/mo
  • Digital Classroom
  • Fundamentals I & II
  • Quick Flips I & II
  • Incl. 15 REI Strategies
  • X2 Business Accelerator
  • X2 Hosted Website
  • Dedicated Phone System
  • X2 D4D App Technology
  • X2 Branded AutoBot
  • X2 ProMentor Network 30%
Most Popular


X1 Brand User Experience
$ 18,995 Setup Fee, Plus $199/mo
  • Digital Classroom
  • Fundamentals I, II, III
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Includes 30+ REI Strategies
  • X1 Business Accelerator
  • X1 Hosted Website
  • Dedicated Phone System
  • X1 Custom AutoBot
  • Social Media Manager
  • X1 ProMentor Network 15%
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