Product Overview

Own Turnkey Real Estate Business

Live Peer Support

Peer-to-Peer Coaches have collectively completed over a thousand real estate transactions. There is always a a coach that starting where you are and can help you achieve your real estate investing business dreams with the network. 

Leverage a Virtually Turnkey Business System & Platform

Leveraging a team of real estate investing experts and business coaches in various niches of real estate is a priceless advantage to having a virtually turnkey real estate investing home based business powered by Rescue Team Properties®. 


Inside the Rescue Team Properties® Community Network you will find people that are like minded, and like hearted! This gives everyone the opportunity to collaborate, share experiences, help another, and provide additional guidance. 

Acquistion Solutions

Leverage the existing brand of Rescue Team Properties® to acquire deeply discounted off-market real estate investing opportunities, right in your own backyards! You will receive a virtually turnkey real estate investing home business that operates almost virtually right from your smartphone.

Business Incubator

Learning about real estate investing is very powerful, but for most aspiring new real estate investors asking someone to learn the strategy and grow a business has always been a challenge for majority of those who attended any type of guru styled training courses. Our business incubator partner provides you the turnkey business and all you have to do is apply the principles and stay focused on money making activities. 

ReiEdu2go Educational Description

Instructional System Design Plus: ReiEdu2go’s Real Estate Investing Education is based on a “tried and true” educational processes know as Instructional System Design (ISD) Plus ReiEdu2go’s priopriety acceleration. These speed teaching design method accelerates learning and maximizes retention and has been proven, time and time again, in higher education institutions (traditional schools) world-wide. In the online digital classroom experience, you are given a “working knowledge” pre exam to evaluate your understanding of the subject matter. The ReiEdu2go’s systems assesses the results to determine which areas needs particular focus. At the end of the class, you will take a post exam to measure your comprehension of the material. By comparing the pre and post exams, you can determine how well the ReiEdu2go’s system delivered the content and how much you actually absorbed. 

Product Descriptions

In the digital classroom (DCR) educational experience, you first take a closed book “working knowledge” pre-exam, then you download the class materials and then view a short concise video, audio, and written presentation from Fundamentals up to 30 real estate investing business strategies for residential and commercial deals.  At the end of the class, you take a closed book post exam, passing the post book exam, you demonstrate that you have acquired the knowledge to proceed to the next class. 

Depending upon the brand user experience level, you will participate directly with an onboarding business coach who will assist you in activiting your virtually turnkey Rescue Team Properties® business system. Then you will be assigned a pro-mentor who will guide you on how to leverage the Rescue Team Properties® Brand to generate real-time leads, together with those leads you’ll work with the pro mentor using those leads generated as your live case studies, discussions, evaluations, role-playing, contracting which will aid in your understanding the advantages and disadvantages of several short-term and long-term real estate investing strategies depending upon which level you enrolled into. The leads and potential deals will be structured around your current level in the Accelerator. 

This comes standard with all levels, a community of ProMentors, Community Coaches, Peer-to-Peer Mentors, Community Event Hosts, a community of investors where, after completing the Fundamentals and advancing through two core stages of the educational experience you become an Rescue Team Properties® Practicing Brand User (PBU) in the Rescue Team Properties® Network and are assigned a ProMentor (PM) to assist in the formulation of a specific deal based on which level you are presently enrolled in. This structure is designed  to leverage the experience of (PM) to dramatically increase the probility of success and profitable real estate transaction for the Rescue Team Properties® practicing brand user (PBU).  Compensation that is being distributed to the PBU is predetermined based on the brand user’s current level within the system, beginning at 50% of the net proceeds of a transaction. The PBU can progress in the network from a 50% split down to a 15% split very rapidly. 

Rescue Team Properties® provides each brand user access to the real estate investing deal management and mentorship software. You will be trained on how to use the Rescue Team Properties® Branding, Websites, Autoresponders, Deal Management, AutoDocs, AutoBot Lead Generation Systems, Marketing Materials, Direct Mail, Access Leads, Document Management, everything you need to run your own real estate investing business from home and virtually using just a smartphone. This entire package is included with your monthly subscription.  

Get practical training on topics including “How do I do xyz,” to Estimating Rehabs, Renting Your Properties, Commercial Development, Building your Business, Leveraging the Team, and so much more.

Using our private online clubs you be able to schedule chats and calls with our peer-to-peer community coaches and mentors, who will work with you one-on-one to help you figure out the next step, answer questions, inspire you, and team up with you! Enjoy the on-demand power of peer-to-peer community coaches that match your real estate investing training level.

Learn vital business-building information designed to drive your success in your Rescue Team Properties® home-based real estate investing business, delivered in the digital classroom with 15 video modules and workbook guide. Each segment provides 15-30 minutes of high content critical information on topics such as new emerging trend for preneurs, Marketing the Brand

Field Training system puts a ProMentor or Community Coach real estate investor mentor at your door-step, in your city by appointment only (where we have live person) for real-time, live in person, mentoring by appointment only. The field training system is included with each business accelerator. (Live Field Training is NOT available in all markets)

We co-host with Rescue Team Properties® Brand Users who are approved hosts to hold local real estate investing level up club meetings using the ReiEdu2go™ club curriculum. ProMentors will teach on different topics bi-monthly to monthly ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, handouts are provided. Great way to meet fellow real estate investors in the community, network, discuss deals, and stay up to date with the latest trends, tips, and market cycle information. 

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