What is reiedu2go™

ReiEdu2go™ is the premier real estate investing education company in the region. Founded by a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor who has developed the systems, processes, ISD+ educational platform, and who is also the developer of the Rescue Team Properties® brand, business accelerator, and able to rapidly deploy a virtually turnkey business system for the new and seasoned real estate investors that desire to own and operate a real estate investing home-based business venture.  The Founder, founded Rescue Team Properties® in 2010 after barely surviving the foreclosure crisis of 2007-2008, from that hardship the Founder developed systems, processes, and tools to acquire off-market deeply discounted properties from motivated sellers using Rescue Team Properties® Brand. In 2017, the Founder deployed ReiEdu2go™ learn at your own pace using baseline of ISD+ educational systems and coupling those speed trainings with it’s business accelerator. ReiEdu2go has achieved incredible benchmarks that are setting the pace for rapid growth across the region. 

ReiEdu2go™ offers aspiring real estate investors a unique experience where we provide a self paced learning system and instantly launch each student into a virtually turnkey business system experience whereby they learn priceless knowledge and implement those principles within the framework of the virtual turnkey business system provided.  All inspiring real estate investors are paired with pro mentors and peer-to-peer community coaches. 

The Team

The ReiEdu2go™ team has been inspiring new and seasoned investors across the region since 2010. Our unique brand user experience is highly sought after because we provide real practical speed training courses and we incubate each user into a virtually turnkey business system so trainings and operating a home-based business is virtually seem-less. We don’t just give our students a blueprint-we create real estate investors and launch you in your prospective market.  Our company is based principles of providing real tangible real estate investing education with the immediate application of the principles learned to operate your home-based business, whether your just want to do one deal a year to create your own real estate investing empire. 



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